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Regression OptimizerA Multi Coverage Criteria Test Suite Minimization Technique

Saran Prasad, Mona Jain, Shradha Singh, C. Patvardhan Published in

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. Saran Prasad, Mona Jain, Shradha Singh and C.patvardhan. Article: Regression Optimizer A Multi Coverage Criteria Test Suite Minimization Technique. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 1(8):5-11, April 2012. BibTeX

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Regression test suites are developed and maintained throughout the lifetime of the software product. For testers, it is common practice to add new testcases to the existing regression test suite, with intent to test new features in the software product or to capture any newly discovered fault. Many a times the intention is to check whether the program is sufficiently tested or not. This is done by measuring code coverage. In case if not, then additional tests are added until the test suite has achieved a specified coverage level according to a specific criterion. Due to this continuous addition of testcases, regression test suites tend to grow in size. As a result, multiple testcases may exist which may test the same feature or same set of requirements. Test Suite minimization techniques identify redundant test cases from a test suite based on some criterion. In this paper we propose a novel test suite minimization technique which identifies redundancy in a given test suite based on multiple coverage criteria for example function, function call stack, line and branch coverage of given test cases. Paper also talks about the benefits of our approach over other existing test suite minimization techniques.


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Software Testing, Regression Testing, Test-suite Reduction, Test-suite Minimization