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Analytical Study of Various High Performance Computing Paradigms

Rashmi Gupta, Omesh Kumar, Aditi Sharma Published in

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. Rashmi Gupta, Omesh Kumar and Aditi Sharma. Article: Analytical Study of Various High Performance Computing Paradigms. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 1(9):16-21, April 2012. BibTeX

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Now-a-days various computing paradigms are present in IT industry. Cloud, Grid, Cluster and General Purpose-Graphical Processing Unit (GP-GPU) computing are High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies and are growing very quickly. These are undoubtedly today's most enticing technology areas due to the various benefits offered by them such as virtualization, high performance and less managerial overhead at client side etc. However despite of the various advantages offered by these high performance computing paradigms, there are significant drawbacks of each computing technology such as highly dependability over network services and security concerns. In this paper we discuss about Cloud, Grid, Cluster and GP-GPU computing. In addition and equally importantly, this article focuses on the pros and cons of each of these computing paradigms as well as their application areas. This will help in better understanding of these computing paradigms.


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Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Cluster Computing, Gp-gpu Computing, Compute Unified Device Architecture