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Analysis of an Elliptical Edge-Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna simulated at 800 MHz

R.P. Singh, Md. Tufail Ahmad. Published in Wireless

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2016
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: R.P. Singh, Md. Tufail Ahmad
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  1. R P Singh and Md. Tufail Ahmad. Article: Analysis of an Elliptical Edge-Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna simulated at 800 MHz. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 10(6):22-26, March 2016. BibTeX

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In this paper the Elliptical Edge feed patch MPA (EE-MPA) has been synthesized and analyzed. It consists of a rotated elliptical patch which is feed by a microstrip line on a dielectric substrate. It has the advantage of using a single microstrip feed connected to the edge of the patch, at 45° to the axes of the ellipse. EE-MPA has been designed to operate at 800 MHz. Obtained characteristics behavior of the antenna such as input impedance, reflection coefficient, gain, directivity, VSWR, axial ratio, radiation pattern and electric field has been presented in detail.

It is found that antenna radiates best in pure elliptical polarization at resonating frequency of 802.7 MHz, providing bandwidth of 13.8 MHz and return loss obtained is about -40.42 dB. The peak gain of antenna is 7.129 dBi at resonating frequency and has VSWR value of 1.109. Thus, EE-MP has been designed in a way that it finds its suitability to act in communication band of microwave spectrum range.


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Microstrip Patch Antenna, Elliptical Edge Feed, Microwave Spectrum, Bandwidth, Gain, VSWR, Radiation Pattern, Axial Ration, Directivity