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Automatic Data Migration between Two Databases with Different Structure

by Ramin Ahmadi, Bagher Rahimpour Cami, Hamid Hassanpour
International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 3 - Number 3
Year of Publication: 2012
Authors: Ramin Ahmadi, Bagher Rahimpour Cami, Hamid Hassanpour

Ramin Ahmadi, Bagher Rahimpour Cami, Hamid Hassanpour . Automatic Data Migration between Two Databases with Different Structure. International Journal of Applied Information Systems. 3, 3 ( July 2012), 13-28. DOI=http:/ijais12-450477

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%A Ramin Ahmadi
%A Bagher Rahimpour Cami
%A Hamid Hassanpour
%T Automatic Data Migration between Two Databases with Different Structure
%J International Journal of Applied Information Systems
%@ 2249-0868
%V 3
%N 3
%P 13-28
%D 2012
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

The process of data migration is one of the major challenges in the database structure development and improvement. The huge size of databases and the difference in syntax and semantics of tables are some of the crucial problems in data migration field. Data migration is performed in two phases sequentially: structure mapping and migration. In traditional approach, the first phase is carried out by the use of human experts, and the second phase is done by software. In new data migrating approaches, the process is carried out automatically by the use of ontology in the first phase. In this paper with studying various methods in this field, a new model for migrating data between two databases with a different structure is proposed. By reviewing the existing models for traditional and semantic databases, the proposed model focuses on data migration between two traditional and semantic databases. In this model, data migration process is carried out by creating a middle layer. Covering both semantic and traditional databases is one of the most important features of proposed model.

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