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Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithms for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Network and Enhancing the Parameters for Good Throughput

Animesh S. Kopekar, Atul S. Dhakate, Ajankya U. Kale Published in Wireless

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
© 2010 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Animesh S Kopekar, Atul S Dhakate and Ajankya U Kale. Article: Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithms for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Network and Enhancing the Parameters for Good Throughput. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 3(6):23-28, July 2012. BibTeX

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Sensor Network are emerging as a new tool for important application in diverse fields like military surveillance, habitat monitoring, weather, home electrical appliances and others. Technically, sensor network nodes are limited in respect to energy supply, computational capacity and communication bandwidth. In order to prolong the lifetime of the sensor nodes, designing efficient routing protocol is very critical. In this paper, we are optimizing how information can effectively disseminate to the destination is one of the most important tasks in sensor networks. Problem arises when intermediate nodes fail to forward incoming packets. Due to limited power and slow processor in each node, algorithms of sensor networks must be designed carefully. AODV is a typical algorithm which has been used to provide efficient data transmission. We aims to show analysis performance of routing protocol in wireless sensor network using AODV. This paper examines the performance of routing protocols which improve the network efficiency and maximize the network lifetime and optimizing the parameters. This analysis reveals that the PDR and Throughput is important features which need to be taken into consideration while designing routing for wireless sensor network, so optimizing the packet-size and mobility factor. However the AODV perform well when mobility is high.


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WSN, AODV, DSR, Throughput, Packet size