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March Edition 2023

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Event Identification in Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Subsystem using Artificial Neural Network

Subhra Rani Patra, R. Jehadeesan, H. Seetha, T. Jayanthi, S. Rajeswari, S. A. V. Satya Murty, M. Sai Baba Published in Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
© 2010 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Subhra Rani Patra, R Jehadeesan, H Seetha, T Jayanthi, S Rajeswari, Satya S A V Murty and Sai M Baba. Article: Event Identification in Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Subsystem using Artificial Neural Network. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 4(1):1-9, September 2012. BibTeX

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Identification of events in nuclear power plant is a very challenging task because each event has a unique set of patterns based on the dynamic behavior of the plant. Accordingly the effective set of parameters has to be chosen to identify an event having a particular pattern. This paper describes the development of artificial neural network (ANN) model for event identification of Primary Sodium System of Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor. In reactor under normal operating condition, the Primary Sodium Pump takes the sodium from the cold pool towards the core. Due to some mechanical and electrical problems the Primary Sodium Pump trip and Primary Sodium Pump Seizure may occur which can be identified manually after analyzing the process parameters. The work involves implementation of two ANN models to identify the occurrence of these two events. The effective parameters considered for these two events are SCRAM (Safety Control Rod Accelerated Movement) parameters. The training data for modeling the neural network is prepared using the thermo hydraulics simulation code of PFBR simulator. Multilayer neural network using back propagation algorithm has been widely used for transient identification. The proposed ANN model was able to identify the events correctly and the results obtained are satisfactory.


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Back Propagation Algorithms, Event Identification