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E-Governance in Bangladesh: Present Problems and Possible Suggestions for Future Development

Mohammad Jahangir Alam Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2012
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Mohammad Jahangir Alam. Article: E-Governance in Bangladesh: Present Problems and Possible Suggestions for Future Development. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 4(8):21-25, December 2012. BibTeX

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This is the era of Information Technology (IT). IT plays a vital role in daily life. To make transparent and effective the government works, to increase government efficiency, accountability and to improve the service delivery and participating the public in all aspects of government activities e-Governance is obligatory. Bangladesh government took the initiative to implement e-governance in 2001, but the implementation of e-Governance in Bangladesh is not up to the mark and the government is not getting the full benefits of e-Governance yet for many reasons. This research paper is focused on some current constraints of e-governance after surveying in the different sectors of Bangladesh and provided some possible suggestions to overcome those problems.


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Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B), Government-to-Government (G2G), Information Technology (IT), Information and communication technologies (ICT), Local Area Networks(LANs),Support to ICT Task Force (SICT)