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Performance of Ad hoc Network in Mixing of Omni and Directional Mode Antenna

Asrar Ahmad Ansari, Tauseef Ahmad, Ali Akhtar, Mohammad Serajuddin Published in Wireless

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. Asrar Ahmad Ansari, Tauseef Ahmad, Ali Akhtar and Mohammad Serajuddin. Article: Performance of Ad hoc Network in Mixing of Omni and Directional Mode Antenna. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 5(1):20-23, January 2013. BibTeX

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This work discusses the performance degradation of ad hoc network because few nodes of the network utilizing omni directional antenna and some of them using directional antennas. We have many directional MAC protocols. But most of them has kept it in mind that each node of the network will have a directional antenna mounted on it. While in real time scenario it is quite unusual that a sudden change will occur and every laptop, palmtop, computer and other devices will be turned into a smart antenna holding device. There will be network scenario, where we will have devices of mixed nature, omni directional as well as directional antenna patterned. Using OPNET 14. 5 simulation tool we have simulated a directional and omni mode mixed scenario with IEEE 802. 11 MAC protocol. For directionality we have designed an antenna pattern of 90 degree with the help of the antenna editor of the simulation tool. We found that lack of a specific protocol for the above kind of scenario degrades the performance of ad hoc network.


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Ad hoc, MAC protocol, Directional antenna, OPNET 14.5, Antenna pattern