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Intelligent Generic Statistical Query Mode

Ali El-matarawy Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
Authors Ali El-matarawy
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  1. Ali El-matarawy. Article: Intelligent Generic Statistical Query Mode. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 5(2):30-34, January 2013. BibTeX

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This research presents a new generic approach for defining a new query mode which is the intelligent generic statistical query mode for any database application. It is combined with the optimized intelligent generic query mode (IGSQM) for relational database applications. Since it is generic then it can be used in developing any database application without rewriting any source code. It is intelligent in the sense that it submits to user an enormous amount of statistical reports without the need or support of the application developer, actually the total number of those statistical reports depends on the database schema. The Interface of the new approach is very simple in use. The new approach saves time for developing the required statistical reports by the user. The developed applications which exploit the proposed intelligent generic statistical query mode will empower users and improve the quality and efficiency of service provided by those applications. IGSQM can be used widely in scientific statistical researches. It has been implemented using PowerBuilder (release 11. 5) as a front end tool and Adaptive Server Anywhere (one of Sybase products) as a database engine. This research describes the design of the optimized intelligent generic query mode and its interface.


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Query mode, entry mode, update mode, statistical query mode, relational database applications, optimizing query mode, generic query mode, intelligent query mode, database field, computed field