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March Edition 2023

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Type of NOSQL Databases and its Comparison with Relational Databases

Ameya Nayak, Anil Poriya, Dikshay Poojary Published in Databases

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Ameya Nayak, Anil Poriya and Dikshay Poojary. Article: Type of NOSQL Databases and its Comparison with Relational Databases. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 5(4):16-19, March 2013. BibTeX

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NOSQL databases (commonly interpreted by developers as 'not only SQL databases' and not 'no SQL') is an emerging alternative to the most widely used relational databases. As the name suggests, it does not completely replace SQL but compliments it in such a way that they can co-exist. In this paper we will be discussing the NOSQL data model, types of NOSQL data stores, characteristics and features of each data store, query languages used in NOSQL, advantages and disadvantages of NOSQL over RDBMS and the future prospects of NOSQL.


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ACID, BASE properties, CAP theorem, DBaaS, scalability