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Effects of Dreams on Human Stress and a Novel Server for Physics Stress

D. A. Adenugba Published in Applied Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
Authors D. A. Adenugba
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  1. D A Adenugba. Article: Effects of Dreams on Human Stress and a Novel Server for Physics Stress. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 6(1):32-39, September 2013. BibTeX

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Accurate and flexible-to-use class library has been developed for Physics stress, Young modulus, strain, shear and bulk modulus and their associated parameters, using Microsoft Visual Studio, 2010. Comprehensive tests show that compressibility, volume modulus, as well as all the other functionalities work to specifications as comparisons with previous works depict. Dream is a strong causer of distress, but not in all cases. Abundance evidences depict that dreams, good and bad, simple and complex, make folks to be dismayed and confounded, wearing melancholic looks for days; however, there are exception to these. A bad dream does not always mean morose countenance. A dream destined for fulfillment enjoys uncommon favour; nothing can halt it. Effects of dreams cannot be veiled and vary widely from one person to another, causing various forms of stresses. To overcome bad dreams, meditate in God's inerrant divine word at bedtime, seek God's assistance in prayers, among others. A previous class library for rich textbox control was modified and applied to display the human stress separately and together. Software developers will find the robust Physics stress customized class library beneficial in their work. Areas of further attentions are addressed.


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Dream, functionalities, modulus, shear, strain, stress