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OntoEval Assessment Tool for OWL Ontology based Application

Bekka Fatiha Maache Salah Djaghloul Younes Published in Information Systems

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. Bekka Fatiha, Maache Salah and Djaghloul Younes. Article: OntoEval Assessment Tool for OWL Ontology based Application. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 6(1):48-54, September 2013. BibTeX

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Ontologies are increasingly used in various fields such as knowledge management, information extraction, and the semantic web. Ontology evaluation is the problem of assessing a given ontology from the point of view of a particular criterion of application, typically in order to determine which of several ontologies would best suit a particular purpose. In this paper, we propose a pricing model that allows using a number of different ontologies and assessing their performance on specific issues. We suggest an approach for evaluating the ontology based on a golden standard guided by a question generator. Following this scheme, we present the results of an experiment to test and gradually increase the performance of ontologies.


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Ontology, ontology evaluation, knowledge representation, semantic web