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A Security based Framework for Interoperability of Healthcare Systems

Iroju Olaronke, Ikono Rhoda Published in Security

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. Iroju Olaronke and Ikono Rhoda. Article: A Security based Framework for Interoperability of Healthcare Systems. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 6(2):23-31, September 2013. BibTeX

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The healthcare domain requires the seamless, secured and meaningful exchange of health related information for effective and efficient patient care. These information are highly sensitive and they are meant to be highly confidential. However, health related information are usually distributed across several heterogeneous and autonomous healthcare systems which makes the interoperability process prone to abuse, medical fraud, inappropriate disclosure of patients' information for secondary purposes by unauthorized persons and misuse. The effects of inadequate security and privacy in healthcare include monetary penalties, loss of revenue, damage to the healthcare system reputation, risk of receiving less information for optimum care, decreased quality of patients' care as well as threat to patients' lives. Consequently, effective information protection within the healthcare domain is highly significant. Hence, this paper examines the security and privacy policies that safeguard sensitive and confidential information in healthcare systems during the exchange and use of vital health information. The paper also proposes a security based framework that seeks to mitigate security risks in healthcare, and thus protect the integrity, confidentiality, and access to health related information.


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Interoperability, healthcare, security, privacy