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A New Effective Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing based on Prioritization Algorithm

Thillaikarasi Muthusamy, Seetharaman. K Published in Software Engineering

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
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  1. Thillaikarasi Muthusamy and Seetharaman. K. Article: A New Effective Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing based on Prioritization Algorithm. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 6(7):21-26, January 2014. BibTeX

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Regression Testing is the process of executing the set of test cases which have passed on the previous build or release of the application under test in order to validate that the original features and functions are still working as they were previously. It is impracticable and in-sufficient resources to re-execute every test case for a program if changes occur. This problem of regression testing can be solved by prioritizing test cases. A regression test case prioritization technique involves re-ordering the execution of test suite to increase the rate of fault detection in earlier stages of testing process. In this paper, test case prioritization algorithm is proposed to identify the severe faults and improve the rate of fault detection. This proposed test case prioritization algorithm prioritizes the test cases based on four groups of practical weight factor such as: customer allotted priority, developer observed code execution complexity, changes in requirements, fault impact, completeness and traceability. The proposed prioritization technique is validated with three different validation metrics and is experimented using two projects. The effectiveness of proposed technique is achieved by comparing it with un-prioritized ones and by validation metrics.


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Regression Testing, Test case prioritization, Fault severity, Rate of fault detection.