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March Edition 2023

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Security of Networking Control System in Mobile Robotics (NCSMR)

Rabia Moussaoui, Hicham Medromi, Adil Lebbat, Adil Sayouti Published in Security

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
© 2013 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Rabia Moussaoui, Hicham Medromi, Adil Lebbat and Adil Sayouti. Article: Security of Networking Control System in Mobile Robotics (NCSMR). International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(11):23-28, November 2014. BibTeX

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A multi-agents system is a system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents that can be used to solve difficult or impossible problems for an individual agent or monolithic system to solve. Multi-agents systems are open and extensible systems that allow deployment of autonomous and proactive software components. The work presented in this paper proposes a new distributed platform of autonomous control based on a multi-agent mobile system. The first section, concerns the state of the art for security and vulnerabilities of wireless systems. many vulnerabilities associated with wireless devices have been discovered since the creation and use of wireless equipment such as Bluetooth. The second section discusses these vulnerabilities and proposes solutions to secure the control architecture. Finally, the third section presents some experiences and tests with NXT robot.


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Control architecture, Remote controlled network, Mobile Robotics, Internet, Multi-Agent Systems, autonomous mobile System.