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Adaptive e-Learning Multi-Agent Systems with Swarm Intelligence

Manuj Darbari, Priya Sahai Published in Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
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  1. Manuj Darbari and Priya Sahai. Article: Adaptive e-Learning Multi-Agent Systems with Swarm Intelligence. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(3):16-20, May 2014. BibTeX

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In this paper we propose a multi-agent approach to the problem of recommending relevant and adequate study material to the learner in E-learning environment. It illustrates swarm intelligence of bee-colony optimization that enables agents to recommend learner most appropriate data content in real –time which stored in the form of case-sets. A flexibility, adaptability and interactiveness is achieved through agents that autonomously and intelligently uses swarm intelligent algorithms to recommend course structure to learners . Secondly we have suggested construction of a cache knowledge base which will be updated by swarm intelligent agents by analysing various parameters such as learners feedbacks, their educational records and other parameters.


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E-learning, swarm intelligence , multi-agent system, cache, Baye’s theorem