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Study the effect of Mobile (Cell Phone) on the Heart Electricity

Dawser Hussain, Alyaa H Ali, Sabah N Mazhar, Aya Juma Published in Bioinformatics

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
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  1. Dawser Hussain, Alyaa H Ali, Sabah N Mazhar and Aya Juma. Article: Study the effect of Mobile (Cell Phone) on the Heart Electricity. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(4):1-4, June 2014. BibTeX

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Electrical and electronic devices, wireless cellular telephones and other mobile personal communication services are the fastest growing field in the world. However, there is uncertainty about the health effects of Radio Frequency (RF). The main aim of the present work is to study the effect of cell phone on human health and especially on a heart rate by exposing a human to the radiation emitted from cell phone (EMF) and registering an ECG to the heart at different exposure times.


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Cell Phone, ECG, EMF, Electromagnetic Radiation.