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A Review of Self Decision Making Applications

A. A. Obiniyi, O. N. Oyelade Published in Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
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  1. A A Obiniyi and O N Oyelade. Article: A Review of Self Decision Making Applications. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(6):18-23, July 2014. BibTeX

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Intelligent agents have been employed in the field of artificial intelligence to develop their cognitive capability so as to populate their knowledge base and as well carry out tasks that proves their ability to carry act or respond to stimuli just like a human would have done. Furthermore, agents with different functionalities that may be harmonized to render a given service are been correlated together to form multi-agent. However, this multi-agent systems are been further categorized into those that carry out decisions and those that carry out simulation. This paper researches into decision making applications (also called decision support systems- DSS) that are driven by semantic web technologies, and also looks into their common components and functionalities. Then it points out the prospect that awaits future decision support systems with respect to the growing research in the semantic web technologies.


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DSS, Agents, and Semantic Web.