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Fingerprint Authentication System: Toward Enhancing ATM Security

Joseph B. Awotunde, Tolorunloju R. James, Suhurat I. Abdulkadir, Fatimoh T. Adewunmi-Owolabi Published in Security

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
© 2013 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Joseph B Awotunde, Tolorunloju R James, Suhurat I Abdulkadir and Fatimoh T Adewunmi-Owolabi. Article: Fingerprint Authentication System: Toward Enhancing ATM Security. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(7):27-32, August 2014. BibTeX

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One of the major problems people face is the loss of the password and not remembering it again, these have cause a lot of damage to many people and organizations. ATM fraud has been very common in all banks and the problems has created fear in many costumers heart that they prefer going to the bank to collect their money than to use an ATM, also many people are illiterate that they don't know how to use the ATM card. So, the main aim of introducing ATM machine has not been met because you still find long queues in almost all banks in Nigeria. The existing ATM machine uses PIN-Card as a security which is very weak and easy to contravene. This paper tries to find a solution to the above problems by introducing fingerprint authentication into the existing ATM machine. A program prototype was designed to imitate a typical ATM system that uses fingerprint identification to enhance the security of the ATMs. The proposed system demonstrated a three-tier architectural structure. The verification system which centered on the enrolment, enhancement, feature extraction and matching of fingerprints. The backend database system that serves as warehouse of the templates of all ATM account holders' pre-registered fingerprints. The system's platform creates related transactions such as withdrawals, bill payment, buying of credit cards and balance enquiries etc. The results obtained confirm that the current approach could significantly reduce ATM fraud if not totally eradicate it.


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ATM Machine, Verification, Authentication, Minutiae-Base, Account Holder