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Use of Digital Signature Standard with Station to Station Key Exchange Agreement and Cloud Manager to Enhance Security in Cloud Computing

Manoj Kumar, Kranti Asiwal Published in Security

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
© 2013 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Manoj Kumar and Kranti Asiwal. Article: Use of Digital Signature Standard with Station to Station Key Exchange Agreement and Cloud Manager to Enhance Security in Cloud Computing. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(8):1-5, September 2014. BibTeX

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Cloud computing provides IT as service. Cloud computing is a budding paradigm having high availability, performance, least cost and many others. Cloud is an IT environment based on which it remotely provides IT resources to users. As cloud computing is an internet based computing solution, there are lots of security breaches and vulnerabilities like authenticity, data security, confidentiality and privacy which should be dealt properly to get high performance. Different combinations are used by different researchers to tackle these security breaches and vulnerabilities, same way we have chosen a combination of authentication technique and key exchange with cloud manager. In this paper we have proposed a model to enhance security of cloud by using Station to Station key agreement for generating session key with a fixed timestamp between User and Cloud Server and then send request for any service by using Digital Signature Standard, the request message would be encrypted by using that session key which was shared earlier and once a session key is used then that session key would not be used again. So the user requires a new key for each session. All of these issues related to authentication and authorization are handled by a cloud manager present between cloud server and user.


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Cloud Computing, Digital Signature Standard, Station to Station key exchange.