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High-performance Dual-band Wireless Capacitive Pressure Sensor

M. M. Abutaleb, A. M. Anis Published in Circuits And Systems

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2014
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  1. M M Abutaleb and A M Anis. Article: High-performance Dual-band Wireless Capacitive Pressure Sensor. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 7(8):28-31, September 2014. BibTeX

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This paper presents the design of a high-performance dual-band wireless capacitive pressure sensor operating in harsh environment. The proposed design is composed of an absolute capacitive pressure sensor, pressure controlled oscillator (PCO), class-E power amplifier (PA) and an antenna. The sensor node collects and transmits the pressure variation in the term of frequency output wirelessly to a nearby base station. Simulation results show that the low frequency band can be tuned from 2. 1 to 2. 6 GHz while the high frequency band ranging from 4. 6 to 5. 1 GHz in a pressure range from 5 to 10 MPa with total output power from 16 to 14 dBm at 0. 35µm CMOS technology.


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Capacitive pressure sensor, class-E PA, LC-based oscillator, dual-band