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Intelligent Car Security System Microcontroller based

Ahmed Zuhair, Mansoor Ali, Ali Al-humairi Published in Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2015
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  1. Ahmed Zuhair, Mansoor Ali and Ali Al-humairi. Article: Intelligent Car Security System Microcontroller based. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 8(3):7-12, February 2015. BibTeX

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Theft attempts and crashing of cars due to careless parking are common issues in unattended public parking lots. This paper presents an intelligent car security system that provides security to the car against theft and crashing in parking lots. The main parts of the system are GSM and GPS modems, Camera, XYZ sensor and Microcontroller. The design focus is to make a highly secure, flexible, reliable and cost effective system. Any crash that happens to the car in the parking lots is immediately communicated to the owner through SMS. Motion sensors detect any vibration such as theft or crash and instantly capture the picture of the incident. The system also saves the picture of any damage caused to the vehicle rendering it as an evidence for further investigation in future. A prototype of the proposed system has been implemented. The test results prove that the system can monitor the parking area of the vehicle, inform the car owner about the status and the location of the car in case of any crash and helps in identifying who is responsible for such an incident by detecting the vibration and taking pictures around the parking area.


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Microcontroller, Security, GPS, GSM