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Improvement in Load Balancing Technique for MongoDB Clusters

Harpinder Kaur, Janpreet Singh Published in Networks

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2015
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  1. Harpinder Kaur and Janpreet Singh. Article: Improvement in Load Balancing Technique for MongoDB Clusters. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 8(4):31-35, February 2015. BibTeX

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Now is the era of cloud computing and related buzzwords are the virtualization, resource sharing, Big Data. With the advent of new technologies, gadgets or simply IOT has enabled the advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services and with this the data is being produced at an enormous rates from these devices be it form sensors, GPS data, log files from different sources etc. which is mostly unstructured data. With the acquaintance with NoSQL technology MongoDB is extensively used to handle all types of data because of its various advantages as its auto-load balancing technique in which the primary node's read load is decreased by distributing load to the secondary nodes, other feature of MongoDB is its auto sharding technique which works by reducing the load over a node by splitting up data in chunks and migrating it over to other nodes. The present work endeavors to study the role of MongoDB's auto balancing technique. In present work MongoDB balancer is introduced to and the performance of balancer of MongoDB for MongoDB clusters in distributed environment is examined.


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Auto-Sharding, Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, MongoDB, NoSQL.