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An Overview of Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning

Aiman J. Albarakati Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2015
© 2015 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Aiman J Albarakati. Article: An Overview of Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 8(7):15-19, May 2015. BibTeX

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Enterprise resource planning is business process management (BPM) software that consent to an organization to bring into play a system of incorporated applications to deal with the business and computerize countless back office tasks interconnected to services, technology and human resources. ERP software assimilates all aspects/facets of an operation or action, comprising product arrangement, manufacturing, growth, sales and promotion. Evolution in information technology, expansion of the Internet and electronic business as well as an ever-growing worldwide antagonism or rivalry has made running a prosperous business more fiddly than ever before. At present, a trendy approach to the expansion of an incorporated enterprise-wide system is the implementation/execution of an Enterprise Resource Planning system. Enterprise Resource Planning is up-to-the-minute and the mainly efficient programming tool for the entire enterprise resources and has a special look in the direction of all actions of the companies/organization and seize them from the task-oriented look/glance to process-oriented rank or position. At the moment the implementation/execution of this system is gambling with many dilemmas in the world. In this paper, we confer the issues that grounds or gives birth to the calamities in organizations Information systems, challenges of ERP implementation.


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ERP Implementation, Challenges, Failure Factors