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Change Management in Semantic Web Services in Legal Domain using FSM and XXM

Gaurav Kant Shankhdhar, Narendra Kumar Jha, Atul Verma Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2015
© 2015 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Gaurav Kant Shankhdhar, Narendra Kumar Jha and Atul Verma. Article: Change Management in Semantic Web Services in Legal Domain using FSM and XXM. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 9(1):33-41, June 2015. BibTeX

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The effort here focuses on Semantic support, Change specification and Change control of web services related to Indian law coordinated by a control web service designed, namely, Web Service Controller Architecture (WSCA) in the proposed legal system, LegalCosmos. The change here mainly constitutes the changes made to the Law Acts, called amendments. The amendments are necessary to ensure that the latest updated Acts (through Indian Penal Code, IPC) be imposed in the whole process of legal system. The LegalCosmos is presently assumed to utilize the electronic static version of Legal Acts. Legal Cosmos involves various web services like WS_PublicInterface, WS_AdvocateAssociation and WS_Judgments. The web services namely WS_UnionOfIndia and WS_StateAct have to be added to introduce the feature to update their existing Acts with the amendments done, in case, to those acts and exclusively export the amendments to the WSCA. The amendments contain the past details of the Act, revised Act (amendment), date of amendment and when it comes into effect. LegalCosmos primarily functions to electronically relate the process of online allotment of advocates to the user in need, the liberty to refer judgments, notify the clients with updates in his/her case and satisfy the user queries related to law.


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Legal change management, semantic web, xxm, fsm, law, amendments