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Multi-agent Systems and its Application to Control Vehicle Underwater

Ettibari Miftah, Adil Sayouti, Hicham Medromi. Published in Applied Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2015
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Ettibari Miftah, Adil Sayouti, Hicham Medromi
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  1. Ettibari Miftah, Adil Sayouti and Hicham Medromi. Article: Multi-agent Systems and its Application to Control Vehicle Underwater. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 9(7):29-38, September 2015. BibTeX

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An autonomous mobile robot must perform non- repetitive tasks in an imperfectly known environment and uncooperative and even hostile. In this context the missions assigned to the underwater vehicle can‘t be defined precisely, and this drone should have the capability to interpret, analyze the environment, decide on appropriate action and react to asynchronous events. It also must permanently reconfigure to adapt to external conditions and objectives. To fill the requirements and to harmonize decision, reaction and performance with distributed intelligence, the control architecture proposed it’s an hybrid architecture, based on multi-agent systems, combines the benefits of reactive and deliberative architectures. In this work, we first studied the principle of the underwater vehicle; the analysis identified the desired characteristics. In the second part, we focused on multi-agent systems in order to understand the link between the approach "Distributed Artificial Intelligence" [1] and our project. After discussing the different control architectures in the third part, we finally treat the solution proposed in this article and general modeling of underwater vehicle. The development of our architecture is based on this modeling. These developments are part of the overall project initiated by the EAS team of the Computer Laboratory, systems and renewable energy (LISER) of the National School of Electrical and Mechanical (ENSEM).


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Remote control, control architecture, distributed systems, MAS, mobile robot, modeling, underwater vehicle.