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Fault Tolerance Model in Cloud Computing

Anjali. D. Meshram, A. S. Sambare, S. D. Zade Published in Cloud Computing

IJAIS Proceedings on 2nd National Conference on Innovative Paradigms in Engineering and Technology (NCIPET 2013)
Year of Publication: 2013
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Anjali. D Meshram, A S Sambare and S D Zade. Article: Fault Tolerance Model in Cloud Computing. IJAIS Proceedings on 2nd National Conference on Innovative Paradigms in Engineering and Technology (NCIPET 2013) NCIPET(2):22-25, November 2013. BibTeX

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Cloud computing has emerged as a platform that grants users with direct yet shared access to remote computing resources and services. Cloud must provide services to many users at the same time; the scheduling strategy should be developed for multiple tasks. In cloud computing processing is done on remote computer hence there are more chances of errors, due to the undetermined latency and loose control over computing node. Hence remote computers should be highly reliable. This is reason why a cloud computing infrastructure should be fault tolerant as well scheduling properly to performing tasks. This paper mainly deals with a fault tolerance model for cloud computing & Paper describes model for Fault Tolerance in Cloud computing (FTMC) FTMC model tolerates the faults on the basis of reliability of each computing node. A Computing node is selected for computation on the basis of its reliability and can be removed, if does not perform well for applications.


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Cloud Computing, Fault Tolerance, Reliability