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A Survey on Stunning IGZO Technology

Vishakha O. Gupta Published in Semiconductor

IJAIS Proceedings on National Level Technical Conference X-PLORE 2013
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. Vishakha O Gupta. Article: A Survey on Stunning IGZO Technology. IJAIS Proceedings on National Level Technical Conference X-PLORE 2013 XPLORE:1-3, March 2013. BibTeX

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Higher resolution in a small screen, lower power consumption, more accurate touch panels these things in high-demand by the gadget industry this will be fulfill by IGZO technology made from alloy of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide material will enable even higher resolutions, lower power consumption, and higher performance touch screens, as well as narrower bezel widths for LCD display panels used in mobile devices such as Smartphone's, it can also be adapted for use in organic EL displays which hold out high expectations for the future ,this paper will describing why IGZO seems to be the way to go for the next generation of iOS devices, and LCD panel Based on past research paper.


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4K2K, TFT, Thin-film transistor, Ultra-High Definition (UHD