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Cultivating Research in Computer Vision within Graduates and Post-Graduates using Open Source

Nilesh J. Uke, Ravindra C. Thool Published in Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. Nilesh J Uke and Ravindra C Thool. Article:. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 1(4):1-6, February 2012. BibTeX

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In this paper we discuss suitability of the using an open source environment; OpenCV for providing effective solutions for complex image processing and vision algorithm for real time application for UG and PG students projects. Computer Vision (CV) applications require extensive knowledge of digital signal processing, mathematics, statistics and perception. OpenCV is an open source vision library suitable for such computer vision programs. It’s always benefits to students to learn theoretical aspects of CV concepts by practicing in labs and getting hand-on expertise. In this paper, we describe our experience of using open source library for post-gradates and undergraduate students’ teaching. We also report the experience of developing the projects based on computer vision to Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE-IT) and Master of Engineering in Information Technology (ME-IT) courses. Initial tutorials designed help students to understand basic concepts of computer vision. Small applications development gives lot of confidence in executing complex assignments and moderate level projects. Statistics shows that projects undertaken by students had increased due to extensive practice on openCV environment. Finally we describe few example project and dissertation submitted in last two years by the students.


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Computer Vision, OpenCV, Object detection, segmentation, Object tracking