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January Edition 2023

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Use of Clustering to Improve the Standard of Education System

Shishu Pal Singh, B. K. Sharma, N. K. Sharma Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
© 2010 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Shishu Pal Singh, B K Sharma and N K Sharma. Article: Use of Clustering to Improve the Standard of Education System. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 1(5):16-20, February 2012. BibTeX

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This paper deals with the application of Data Mining in the education sector. Generally the benefits of Data Mining are taken in the commercial fields. The study given, proposed a quiet different field where we can use the Data Mining and enhance the quality of education. In the given paper the performance of an institute students were studied. The study takes the performance of students in their examinations and their presence in the classrooms into consideration and finds a relation in them. The observed relation helps in identifying the group of students where the extra are required. The study was carried out using K – Means method of cluster analysis – a technique of Data Mining for finding the relevant records.


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Data Mining, K – Means, Cluster, Distance, Education