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January Edition 2023

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TripleFetchQL: A Platform for Integrating Relational and NoSQL Databases

Oluwafemi E. Ooju, Sahalu B. Junaidu, S.E. Abdullahi. Published in Software Engineering

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2016
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Oluwafemi E. Ooju, Sahalu B. Junaidu, S.E. Abdullahi
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  1. Oluwafemi E Ooju, Sahalu B Junaidu and S E Abdullahi. Article: TripleFetchQL: A Platform for Integrating Relational and NoSQL Databases. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 10(5):54-57, February 2016. BibTeX

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There has been an unprecedented growth and increase in the domain unstructured/semi-structured data is increasing over the years. While relational database systems remain popular and relevant, they are incapable of handling the growth level of unstructured data in the area of web applications. Conflating the benefits of a simple NoSQL storage engine with the relational databases and the unique ability of presenting query results from the duo to users at minimal costs have been a critical challenge in the research community. So far so good there has been a tremendous works such as using SQL with an extension of NQP on transformed NoSQL data which is store as SQL virtual relation, querying Apache Cassandra with SQL after altering the data structure, querying both world of relational and NoSQL and produced two results instead of single output. The TripleFetchQL system developed enables users to query relational and NoSQL databases and presents query results as if they were querying the familiar relational database alone. Furthermore, TripleFetchQL provide applications the ability of leveraging the benefits of relational and NoSQL databases at the small cost of learning the simple syntax of the TripleFetchQL system.


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