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July Edition 2023

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Wearable Networks: Requirements, Technologies, and Research Trends

Ernest Ofosu Addo, Benjamin Kommey, Andrew Selasi Agbemenu in Networks

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors:Ernest Ofosu Addo, Benjamin Kommey, Andrew Selasi Agbemenu
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  1. Ernest Ofosu Addo, Benjamin Kommey and Andrew Selasi Agbemenu. Wearable Networks: Requirements, Technologies, and Research Trends. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 12(20):1-7, March 2019. URL, DOI BibTeX

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Wearable networks are ubiquitous and they form the backbone of today’s fast-growing smart wearable industry. The wireless nature of these networks coupled with smaller but sophisticated nodes offer the possibility of a wide array of innovative and advanced applications. This paper gives an overview of the concepts of wearable networks and their characteristics. Requirements for optimal application of these networks for various systems are also presented. Key enabling technologies for implementing wearable networks are discussed and compared.


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WBANs, Energy Efficiency, QoS, Coexistence