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Call for Paper


November Edition 2019

International Journal of Applied Information Systems solicits high quality original research papers for the November 2019 Edition of the journal. The last date of research paper submission is October 15, 2019.

Volume 12

Number 1

Editor's choice: Computer Simulation of Chaotic Systems
Author : T. K. Genger, T. J. Anande, S. Al-Shehri

Number 2

Editor's choice: A Fast Deterministic Kmeans Initialization
Author : Omar Kettani, Faical Ramdani

Number 3

Editor's choice: An Improved Agglomerative Clustering Method
Author : Omar Kettani, Faical Ramdani

Number 4

Editor's choice: New Chaotic Substation and Permutation Method for Image Encryption
Author : Ekhlas Abbas Albahrani, Tayseer Karam Alshekly

Number 5

Editor's choice: Trimodal Biometric Authentication System using Cascaded Link-based Feed forward Neural Network [CLBFFNN]
Author : Benson-Emenike Mercy E., Sam-Ekeke Doris C.

Number 6

Number 7

Editor's choice: Design and Implementation of a Comprehensive Information Security Risk Management Tool based on Multi-agents Systems
Author : Mohamed Ghazouani, Hicham Medromi, Laila Moussaid

Number 8

Editor's choice: Privacy Preserving Informative Association Rule Mining
Author : Kshitij Pathak, Sanjay Silakari, Narendra S. Chaudhari

Number 9

Editor's choice: Modeling Security Requirements: Extending SysML with Security Requirements Engineering Concepts
Author : Ilham Maskani, Jaouad Boutahar, Souhaïl El Ghazi El Houssaïni

Number 10

Editor's choice: Advancements in Data Analytics using Big Data and Cloud Computing
Author : Rayan Dasoriya, Krishna Samdani

Number 11

Number 12

Editor's choice: Realization of Remote WebSIG of Photovoltaic Micro-Networks in Conakry (Guinea)
Author : Kakayo Hervé Kpegne, Kan Désiré Kouassi, Derving Baka, Tchimou Vincent Assoma, Mahaman Bachir Saley, Conan Bruno Frédéric Yao

Number 13

Editor's choice: Real-Time Medical Video Denoising with Deep Learning: Application to Angiography
Author : Praneeth Sadda, Taha Qarni

Number 14

Editor's choice: Efficient Mining of Frequent Itemsets using Improved FP-Growth Algorithm
Author : Abdulkader M. Al-Badani, Basheer M. Al-Maqaleh

Number 15

Editor's choice: The Scalability Metric based on Cost-Effectiveness in Distributed Systems
Author : Emmanuel Kwabena Gyasi, Dominic Asamoah, Emmanuel Ofori Oppong, Stephen Opoku Oppong

Number 16

Editor's choice: Architectural Framework for Intelligent Vehicle-Pedestrian Traffic Control
Author : Oyenike M. Olanrewaju, A. A. Obiniyi, S. B. Junaidu

Number 17

Number 18

Editor's choice: Security Vulnerabilities of Skype Application Artifacts: A Digital Forensic Approach
Author : S. Idowu, Ehiwe D. Dominic, S. O. Okolie, N. Goga

Number 19

Number 20

Editor's choice: Wearable Networks: Requirements, Technologies, and Research Trends
Author : Ernest Ofosu Addo, Benjamin Kommey, Andrew Selasi Agbemenu

Number 21

Editor's choice: Risk Measurement Models for Security and Privacy of Social Networking Sites on Users Perspective
Author : Balogun Abiodun Kamoru, Azmi Bin Jaafar, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad, Marzanah A. Jabar

Number 22

Editor's choice: Intelligent Urban Road Traffic Management at a Crossroads based on Genetic Algorithm
Author : A. Merbah, A. Makrizi, E. H. Essoufi

Number 23

Editor's choice: Storytelling Robot for Activities in the Alfadown Project
Author : Adam Everson S. Araújo, Ariane Ruben C. Di Menezes, Kárita Cecília Rodrigues Silva, Edson Douglas F. De M. Santos, Juliana Santos de Souza Hannum, Talles Marcelo G. de A. Barbosa