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March Edition 2023

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Fuzzy Evaluation of Sore Throat Infection

Olusola Olajide Ajayi, Adedamola Emmanuella Adetimehin, Olugbenga Samuel Daso, Olufunmilayo Paulina Akinniyi in Fuzzy Systems

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors:Olusola Olajide Ajayi, Adedamola Emmanuella Adetimehin, Olugbenga Samuel Daso, Olufunmilayo Paulina Akinniyi
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  1. Olusola Olajide Ajayi, Adedamola Emmanuella Adetimehin, Olugbenga Samuel Daso and Olufunmilayo Paulina Akinniyi. Fuzzy Evaluation of Sore Throat Infection. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 12(21):19-25, June 2019. URL, DOI BibTeX

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Sore throat has been viewed as a minor ailment, hence, less interest has been shown in its evaluation. Sore throats can either be acute or chronic. Various orthodox means exist for attending to sore throat infection. Medically, various means of diagnosis sore throat infection also avails. The predictability power of soft-computing techniques extends their tentacle to bioinformatics and medical computations. Literature search however shows no work on assessment of sore throat. This prompted this study which made use of Fuzzy Inference System approach to evaluate sore throat through the use of simulated data relating to the symptoms associated with Sore throat. The inputs (symptoms) and outputs (diseases) were fed into the MATLAB toolbox, and the fuzzy properties set. Twenty-one rules were formed to determine the end result of the diagnosed sore throat infection which can be a pointer to certain kind of sickness/disease. Fuzzy process on the simulated data shows that sore throat can infer a symptom to a kind of disease. The results proved that Fuzzy Inference System can successfully evaluate sore throat infection.


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Sore throat, evaluation, fuzzy, inference engine, diagnosis, rule base, simulated, soft-computing, bioinformatics, MATLAB, infection