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Selection of Solid Waste Dumping Site for Ludhiana City using Geoinformatics

Inderpreet Kaur Grewal, J. P. Singh, Harpinder Singh in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors:Inderpreet Kaur Grewal, J. P. Singh, Harpinder Singh
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  1. Inderpreet Kaur Grewal, J P Singh and Harpinder Singh. Selection of Solid Waste Dumping Site for Ludhiana City using Geoinformatics. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 12(22):7-13, July 2019. URL, DOI BibTeX

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The Ludhiana city has been selected for identification of suitable sites for solid waste dumping/landfilling in the present study using CARTOSAT-I, IRS LISS-IV satellite data for the year 2008-09. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based methodology was applied in order to identify and select potential suitable sites. The various parameters for the selection of suitable sites such as distance from built-up, forests/plantations, water bodies (river, canals and ponds), transportation along with wasteland, geology and ground water depth were examined. The respective thematic, buffer and classified maps were prepared. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model was incorporated in a GIS environment to obtain the weightages of different criteria and then they were overlaid according to their priority. The site suitability map for solid waste dumping/landfilling was prepared by considering proximity to the religious and recreational places, lithology, rivers and drains. Five suitable sites were identified out of which, three sites have been proposed and recommended as best suitable site viz. Alamgir, Narangwal and Assi Kalan villages covering an area of 100.78 ha, 50.89 ha and 25.69 ha respectively. Alamgir site situated 10 km away from the center of the city was found to be highly suitable for solid waste dumping for Ludhiana city which can accommodate huge amount of solid waste generated every day.


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AHP, Disposal site, GIS, Solid waste dumping, Suitable site