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Multi Factor Authentication Protocols for a Secured WSN

R. Jayamala, V. Eswari, K. Marimuthu Published in

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. R.jayamala, V.eswari and K.marimuthu. Article: Multi Factor Authentication Protocols for a Secured Wsn. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 2(2):35-39, May 2012. BibTeX

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WSN is an embedded system with the network properties of self configuration, self healing, dynamic routing and multi hop communication and sensor nodes are scattered in sensor field. WSN is ubiquitous in nature but nodes have limited energy resources and memory constraints, the protocols designed for sensor networks should be energy efficient. Security access to the sensor networks is a critical part of the network administration; due to wide availability of services and high mobility of users the strongest authentication methods are needed and hence we propose four factor user authentication protocols for a secured network. This scheme is based on multi factor such as password, smart card and a user finger print, phone factor.


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Secured Networks, Password, Authentication, Smart Card, User Finger Print, Phone Factor Authentication