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PLM based Customization for Extraction of NX Assembly from Team center to Local Drive

Jaykumar Yoga Mule Published in Applied Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. Jaykumar Yoga Mule. Article: PLM based Customization for Extraction of NX Assembly from Team center to Local Drive. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 2(6):21-26, May 2012. BibTeX

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This paper proposes a novel methodology of PLM system. Various PLM software solutions are available in the market these software's have not been fully satisfying as per the need of every organization so the organization goes for customization which not only satisfy the requirement of every organization but makes the software user friendly. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product and related services from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and recycling or ultimate disposal. PLM help organization to integrate people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product related information in the right context at the right time can be made available across the extended enterprise throughout the product lifecycle. In today's engineering world, people are searching for a way to utilize computing technologies to solve complex problems. The organization requirement of the Extraction of NX assembly from Teamcenter to local drive a feature not found in current PLM systems. The research work is carried out for the creation of new utility in Teamcenter. A customized UG assembly extractor plan can then be developed for the organization to build up a performance oriented and reduce data export work of administrator. A case study is conducted in organization to verify the feasibility of our method.


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Basic Concept Of Plm, Teamcenter Architecture Overview, Extraction Of Assembly Methodology, Case Study