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Drowsiness Detection based on Eye Movement, Yawn Detection and Head Rotation

Karanraj Churiwala, Raoul Lopes, Aditya Shah, Neepa Shah Published in Pattern Recognition

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
© 2010 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Karanraj Churiwala, Raoul Lopes, Aditya Shah and Neepa Shah. Article: Drowsiness Detection based on Eye Movement, Yawn Detection and Head Rotation. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 2(6):45-49, May 2012. BibTeX

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Research shows that driver fatigue is one of the major reasons of road accidents. In this paper, we discuss our system which can be used to measure the level of alertness of the driver based on some critical physiological parameters. The system will analyze these parameters and accordingly issue an audio warning to the driver in case significant drowsiness is detected. The system is a software prototype of this system in vehicles, where images that are captured will be processed using image processing techniques and accordingly issue warning. The overall goal of the system is to reduce the number of accidents, and therefore improve the worsening road conditions.


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Drowsiness, Face Detection, Eye Blink Rate, Yawn Detection, Head Rotation