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Applying Web Usage Mining to a University Website Access Domain

Nirali Honest, Bankim Patel, Atul Patel Published in Information Sciences

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication 2012
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  1. Nirali Honest, Bankim Patel and Atul Patel. Article: Applying Web Usage Mining to a University Website Access Domain. International Journal of Applied Information Systems 2(9):7-14, June 2012. BibTeX

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Web Usage Mining (WUM) is the process of taking out interesting behavior patterns that allow analyzing uses by the website administrator. In this paper we discuss the impact of developing the WUM process according to the requirements specific to the access of University website. WUM becomes a important aspect in today's era because the quantity of data is continuously increasing, the data resulted as part of web traffic comes from different sources and different format so issues related to integration and analyzing this heterogeneous and complex data are required before conducting any WUM analysis. Apart from these factors (large size of data and Heterogeneous structure) the three steps of WUM process are not coordinated to create a coherent and unique process. With these main concerns we decide to work for University website management domain and prepare a new reactive approach which uses the web usage data . site topology, academic calendar of university, in order to produce more specific process and results for University environment.


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Master Page Concept, Data Pre-processing, Academic Events