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Comparison of e-Voting Schemes: Estonian and Norwegian Solutions

Mohammad Jabed Morshed Chowdhury Published in Wireless

International Journal of Applied Information Systems
Year of Publication: 2013
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An increasing number of elections have been performed using Online Voting including Estonia, Canada, Norway and Switzerland. In October 2005, Estonia organized countrywide remote e-voting. Every Estonian citizen got the opportunity to cast their vote via Internet from all over the world. Approximately 2% of actual voters made use of this opportunity. Different countries are also working on to develop their own e-voting system. Inspired by the recent development, Norwegian government has also decided to develop e-voting system in the country. Norway’s internet voting pilot project held in 2011 and countrywide e-voting will be held in 2017. Due to these experiences, the technical research topics have changed: While voting protocols have been well analyzed in the past, but little research has been done on the performed system. This paper will investigate the security and trustworthiness of the performed online voting. For this paper study and examine Estonian and Norwegian online voting system.


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e-voting, security, SMS attack