CFP last date
15 July 2024

Join as Reviewer

The editorial board always makes concerted efforts to ensure that only manuscripts that fit with reviewer's areas of expertise are sent to for review.

The editor believes that collectively, the journal editor, reviewers, and manuscript authors can contribute to the advancement of the journals by ensuring that the review process is among other things, comprehensive, constructive, courteous, developmental, fair, objective, and timely. CSC Journals always take care that the papers published in the journal must meet certain criteria relating to audience, technical content, and presentation. The review form available in review panel is designated to help reviewers evaluate manuscripts. If revisions are recommended, reviewers should be as specific as possible in describing changes and should indicate which changes are recommended and which are obligatory. If a paper is rejected because it is outside the scope of the journal, reviewers are requested to recommend that the paper be submitted elsewhere. If a paper is considered un-publishable, reviewers should reject it completely. The reviewers are asked to look at the manuscript soon after receiving it and return the review as soon as possible (but no later than 4 weeks after receiving the paper). If they cannot meet this term, other reviewers will be sought.

The procedures guiding the selection of articles for publication in CSC are similar to those in place at most other referred journals. Manuscripts are accepted for publication only after they are evaluated by at least two reviewers. From time to time, the substantive, theoretical and/or methodological aspects of a manuscript submitted might require that the editor rely exclusively on reviewers to process a manuscript.

Call for Reviewers

FCS Journals would like to invite the interested professionals to contribute into FCS research network by joining us as a part of reviewers committee. We normally encourage professionals with at least PhD in the areas covered by the journals.

We evaluate the request for reviewer if he/she is willing to:

  • Timely communicate with IJAIS staff and Editors
  • Timely provide review comments
  • Review at least 1 paper/issue relevant to his/her area
  • Refer more reviewers
  • Post Call For Papers (CFP) to relevant websites
  • Others