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MAODV with Core-node using Path Amassing

Charushila S. Raskar, Shoba Krishnan Published in Algorithm

IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. Charushila S Raskar and Shoba Krishnan. Article: MAODV with Core-node using Path Amassing. IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013 ICWAC(1):6-10, June 2013. BibTeX

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Ad-hoc network means a collection of wireless mobile nodes moving in some area without any backbone infrastructure such as Access point and the devices connected to it for communication. As the nodes moves randomly in any area the topology is also changing arbitrarily. The network disconnection occurs frequently. This project proposes a difference of the AODV protocol, which selects interior nodes using path's accumulation information, and then recognized multi paths based on interior-node's information. Proposed algorithm accumulates the reset time to build the new path and also reduces the reset control messages by using the interior-node information when the network gets disconnected.


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MAODV, Ad-hoc, Core-Node