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July Edition 2023

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Development of Security Enhancement Techniques for 3G/4G Networks

Punjabi Jasbir Kaur, Vikas Kaul, Vinayak A Bharadi, S K Narayankhedkar Published in Networks

IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and Workshop on Communication, Computing and Virtualization
Year of Publication: 2015
© 2015 by IJAIS Journal
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  1. Punjabi Jasbir Kaur, Vikas Kaul, Vinayak A Bharadi and S K Narayankhedkar. Article: Development of Security Enhancement Techniques for 3G/4G Networks. IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and Workshop on Communication, Computing and Virtualization ICWCCV 2015(2):41-46, September 2015. BibTeX

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4G, the next-generation mobile telecommunication system, is the requirement for security enhancement and reliable communication. This paper presents the design of security enhancement techniques for data transmission in LTE networks using TLS. Here AES is used for encryption. AES is enhanced by using Chaos and Dynamic S-box. By the use of chaos the shift rows is made dynamic and the key space is made infinite. S-box is made dynamic and key-dependent using cipher key. Complexity of the system is increased by using AES in round structure. Comparison of the traditional and enhanced AES will be made on the basis of Performance evaluation using Encryption Time, Decryption Time, Overall Time, and Throughput.


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4G; AES; S-box; Round structure; Chaos