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Face Recognition using Gabor Filter based Feature Vector for Mobile Phones

H. B. Kekre, Vinayak Ashok Bharadi Published in Image Processing

IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013
Year of Publication: 2013
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  1. H B Kekre and Vinayak Ashok Bharadi. Article: Face Recognition using Gabor Filter based Feature Vector for Mobile Phones. IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013 ICWAC(2):6-11, June 2013. BibTeX

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Face Recognition Systems are becoming ubiquitous and inevitable in today's world. Being less intrusive and universal face recognition systems serve as good option for access control and surveillance. Here we are proposing a simple biometric system based on face authentication for access control of a handheld device like mobile phone or pocket pc. The propose systems hardware requirements are very low and it uses Gabor Filter based feature vector for face recognition. The proposed system uses simpler matching method and less computational overhead. The proposed systems accuracy is high for lower number of users; hence it is suitable for handheld devices as the accessing population is less. We have successfully tested this method on handheld device and results are presented here.


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Biometrics, Face recognition, Image processing, Gabor Filters, Handheld Devices