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Intelligent e-Restaurant using Android OS

Vinayak Ashok Bharadi, Vivek Ranjan, Nikesh Masiwal, Nikita Varma Published in Algorithm

IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013
Year of Publication: 2013
© 2012 by IJAIS Journal
Series icwac Number 4
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  1. Vinayak Ashok Bharadi, Vivek Ranjan, Nikesh Masiwal and Nikita Varma. Article: Intelligent e-Restaurant using Android OS. IJAIS Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Advanced Computing 2013 ICWAC(4):18-24, July 2013. BibTeX

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The simplicity and ease of access of a menu are the main things that facilitate ordering food in a restaurant. A Tablet menu completely revolutionizes the patron's dining experience. Existing programs provide an app that restaurants can use to feed their menus into iOS & Android based tablets and make it easier for the diners to flip, swipe & tap through the menu. We here aim to provide the restaurants with a tablet menu that would recommend dishes based on a recommendation algorithm which has not been implemented elsewhere. In addition to this we run the app on an Android based tablet & not on an iOS based tablet which is more expensive alternative. We use a cloud-based server for storing the database which makes it inexpensive & secure.


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Recommendation, Tablet, menu, Intelligent, Android application, restaurant